Six Case studies explained in script of the outcome

Outcomes to be addressed within this Assignment:Summarize the difference between specialized patient records and general health recordsCompare and contrast release of information forms used in ordinary health-care setting with those used in substance abuse settingIdentify those instances where disclosure of health information of substance abuse treatment may be without written patient consentCompare and contrast a court order authorizing of patient-specific information with a subpoena duces tecumCompare and contrast court-ordered HIV/AIDS testing and HIV/AIDS testing pursuant to statutory authorityDescribe the situations in which employers may require HIV/AIDS testing of employeesCourse outcome assessed/addressed in this Assignment:HI135-3: Summarize the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and state/federal regulations which govern the release of protected health information.InstructionsYou are the Release of Information Specialist for General Hospital, USA. For each scenario below construct an interactive script answering the questions raised in each scenario. In your scripts, be sure to keep in mind what you have learned in Units 4 and 5 as well on how to respond.  Would you release the records in question, why or why not? What reasons would you give to each person requesting records if the records cannot be released? State the reasons you are able to release the records if that is the answer as well.Scenario 1Jim Philips is the attorney for Karen Munstrom. Karen is filing suit against Howard Doe in a domestic dispute. Jim Philips sends Memorial Hospital an original authorization that is signed and dated by Karen Munstrom. The authorization, addressed to your hospital, includes the dates of the records requested. The authorization does not state the type or subject of the information to be disclosed. The records of Ms. Munstrom are related to a stay for alcohol rehabilitation.Would you release the record in question?Scenario 2Crawford City Hospital sends a fax to you for immediate release of medical records on Charles Charleston, a patient who underwent cardiac bypass surgery at your facility three weeks ago. The patient is about to undergo emergency surgery at Crawford City Hospital due to apparent internal bleeding at the operative site. The patient is not conscious and therefore cannot sign an authorization. There are no family members present with the patient.Would you release the record in question?Scenario 3Rev. Smith, a local pastor, comes to you requesting the telephone number and address of a parishioner, Tom Hart. He explains that Mr. Hart has not been attending services for the past several months; he’s heard that Mr. Hart underwent some type of surgery and would like to know what it was, and he would like to go visit him, but Mr. Hart moved recently and he does not know his new address.Would you release the information in question?Scenario 4Deputy Sheriff Parker arrives in your office requesting to see the records of Sally Jones. Sally was involved in an altercation at a local establishment last night. Deputy Parker does not have an authorization, search warrant, or subpoena.Would you release the information in question?Why, or why not, and how would you proceed?Scenario 5Judy is 21 years old. She wants a copy of her medical records from Clarkston Hospital, including records from when she was 16 years old. She comes to the department, shows identification, signs an authorization, and wants to wait for the copies to be prepared.Would you release the information in question?Why, or why not, and how would you proceed?Scenario 6You are the office manager for Dr. Johnson, a psychiatrist in Anywhere, USA. Ralph Smithers comes to your office requesting the medical records of his wife, Mildred. He does not have an authorization, but states that they are needed for Dr. Helms, and she is at work, so she cannot sign anything and does not have time to come in to get the records herself.Would you release the information in question?Why, or why not, and how would you proceed?RequirementsNarrative scrip writing for each of the six scenarioAll details must be addressed for each scenario.No word count is necessary to be met just all details required to be addressed. APA Formatting guidelines are to be followed.Supplement:Text book attachment

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