Select your Research Paper topic and submit a 1 page summary

Assignment 1 Research Paper: Select your Research Paper topic or issue that deals with Employment or Labor Law and submit a 1 page summary of its significance for practicing managers. 1. The Civil Rights of 1866. Why did it not Work? 2. The Civil Rights Act of 1964. Did It Eliminate Discrimination in the U.S? 3. The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967. How Effective has it Been? 4. The Americans with Disabilities Act. Has it Eliminated Discrimination among the Disabled? 5. The Fair Labor Standards Act? Is it Still Relevant in the U.S. Today? 6. The Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Has It Served its Usefulness? 7. Temporary Workers and Independent Contractors? Are They Treated Fairly Under the Existing law? 8. Pros and Cons of Employment at Will Doctrine. Is it Really Legal? 9. Is Affirmative Good or Bad for U.S. Organizations? 10. What is the Real Difference Between Race and Color under the Law? Do We Need Protections for Both? 11. What is national origin and Why is it protected Under the Law? 12. Is Gender Discrimination Still Real? An Analysis of the Sexes 13. The State of Sexual Harassment in America. Alive or Dead? 14. Does Religious Discrimination Really Exist in Today’s America? 15. Does Age Discrimination Still Exist? What are the Real Causes? 16. The Unseen Discrimination. Disability Discrimination and its Causes 17. Does the Privacy Act of 1974 Still Protect Employees? 18. Is the National Labor Relations Act Still Relevant? A Discussion of Both Sides 19. Does the Taft Hartley Act Have any Relevance in America Today? 20. The Free Choice Act. Good or Bad for American Employees? 21. The Impact of the Lilly Ledbetter Act. Ramifications on Employers 22. What is the impact of The Uniformed Services Employment and Re-employment Rights Act, or USERRA? 23. Pros and Cons of Unions in America Today 24. Who Joins Unions Today? A Look at the Generation in America Most Likely to be Organized. 25. The Future of Unions in America

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