Risk Management Analysis 2

My hypothesis is that profitability of HSBC can have an invert or negative effect on credit risk and credit risk management (decisions), and vice versa. My second hypothesis is that hypothesis 1 also have a direct correlation to a financial market due to the bank’s size or market share, and can significantly impact the stability of that markets. I need a model and analysis showing the results and relation between both hypothesis 1 and hypothesis 2. Either a regression analysis and a correlation analysis would have to be performance. No introduction needed or detail defination on the meaning of risk, only direct analysis of HSBC results with the variables. Explaination should prove or disprove hypothesis 1 or hypothesis 2. If plagiarism is found and/or work is anything other than what’s needed, I will not accept. Deadline is today. Only knowledgeable bids on the subject please!Time frame: within 2hours from now. Word count: 750 – 1k (without reference which is also needed)Format: APAOriginal work without plagiarism

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