Review and Revise Final Paper

Phase 4IP_Project Situation.mpp Project Organization Chart.docx Control is the last element of your project. Add a summary about some of the things that would require performance control in the project. This can include the performance of the project, cost changes, and time line adjustments. Changes occur in any type of project. Therefore, a formal change control system is necessary in the overall project plan as well. Review and revise the project plan based on feedback from your instructor and classmates. Complete the following: Review and revise the project plan based on feedback from your instructor and classmates. Add a section to your plan highlighting key points about how changes to a project can affect the scope of the project. Add the following detail to your summary: How will project contracts or agreements be introduced and processed? After the project is approved, what is the potential impact of changes on budgets, schedules and deliverables? How will the project team be advised of changes to the project? Include information about the change order as part of the master project plan. Add any other information important to project scope changes. Add the change process section to the end of your project plan. Organize the sections, edit, and post the final draft of the plan. Comments from the instructor on the Organizational Chart: Comments for improvement are to discuss the roles/responsibilities and needed skills for those roles separately. Please make sure that your discussion for the roles matches with the roles in the org chart. Attached is the Organizational Chart that needs to be reviewed and revised. Comments from Phase 4IP: Comments for improvement are to add all the information from phases 1-3, add predecessor field for your tasks, and add resource names for all the tasks in your MS project file.

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