Production tooling

TheGE is in process of purchasing a production tool. In their search, they havegathered the following information about two possible tools.                                      A                                       BInitialInvestment                    12,000                           12,000                                                                   A                                  B                                                Return Probability                    Return  ProbabilityPessimistic                                     15.00%  0.32                      9.00%  0.3Most Likely                                     18.00%  0.45                       18.00%  0.45Optimistic                                       21.00%  0.25                        25.00%  0.25    A) Compute expectedrate of return for each choice.B) Compute varianceand standard deviation of rate of return for each machine.C) Based on thecoefficient of variation, which copier should they purchase?

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