McBride Financial has hired a consulting firm to help with the LAN design on two of its offices. Abram LaBelle met with Hugh McBride and a transcript of the conversation can be found attached.Prepare a LAN design using OPNET® OpenIT (or VISIO) based service request SR-mf-005. Create Word screen shots of each file & import them into Word & zip it to me. Name your project “005_LastName_FirstInitial” and choose Create an Empty Scenario. For the network scale, choose Office, and uncheck use metric units. After choosing your scale, select the ethernet model family to design your LAN. After completing your project, create screen shots of the files that start with “005_LastName_FirstInitial” or from the op_models directory. Import the screen shot files into one or more Word documents. Zip them to me.NetworkTranscript[1].zipMust use a  LAN design using OPNET® OpenIT (or VISIO)

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