Passing Strange – 3 pages essay

For people who saw the Passing Strange playplease write a 3 pages essay from one of the three topics down.Here are the topic suggestions for Passing Strange. There is a good bit of overlap in these topics, but hopefully one of them will be worded in a way that helps give you a jumpstart to write about the show.1) Young Stew is continually trying to be understood. In what ways is this a show about what Young Stew doesn’t understand?OR2) Talk about the show in terms of its opposing themes of Love and Understanding.OR3) Stew tells Young Stew that his ‘song was just passing for love.’ ‘Passing’ is a recurring idea we hear throughout the show. What does Passing Strange mean by ‘passing’? What types of ‘passing’ go on during the show? And why does Stew say that Young Stew’s ‘song was just passing for love’?

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