organic synthesis

okay so i know people cant do my homework for me but the thing is that i need help with a few chemistry questions. Given one of the starting materials and end product for each of the following reactions, show all reactants, reaction conditions in brackets (where known) and products. You will have to print off the “Organic Synthesis Pathways” document in order to do this. It can be downloaded as either a pdf or Word file. DO NOT DRAW MOLECULES, PLEASE WRITE OUT THE NAMES ONLY, following instructions above. Show each step on a separate line. 1. Fluoroethane from ethanol (1 mark) 2. Ethanol from calcium carbide (3 mark) 3. 3-methylpentane from 3-methyl-3-pentanol (2 mark) 4. Acetone from propene (2 marks) 5. Acetic acid from chloroethane (3 marks) 6. Ethanoic acid from calcium carbide (5 marks) 7. 2-iodopropane from acetone (2 marks) 8. 2 moles of 1-butanol reacts in the presence of concentrated sulfuric acid ( 1 ) 9. Ethyl ethanoate from ethane (4 marks) 10. Isopropylbenzene from benzene (2 marks) You do not need to show the structures, write the name of the compounds in place of structure in the reaction equation and DO NOT DRAW MOLECULES, write names only this is due for class tomorrow and i really need help. if you could do the questions for me, I’d be so grateful AND i promise to ask for help once i get to school !

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