Operations Research/Linear Programming

ESI4312-Hw4.pdf  ESI4312-Chapter4.pdf  ESI4312-Chapter4e.pdf ESI4312-Chapter5-1.pdf  ESI4312-Chapter5b.pdf  I have attached 4 problems (9, 10, 11, 12) that need fully worked out solutions. Otherwise, I will not be satisfied with your answer. They should be completed making sure these five components are fulfilled: 1. Data 2. Variables 3. Individual Variable Restrictions (IVRs) 4. Constraints 5. Objective I have also attached the following: 1. PDF’s of HW Problems and Practice Problems – One has just questions and the other has solutions for all problems but the 4 HW Problems. They should help show you how the five components above are implemented in a problem.) 2. Powerpoint Slides that will help give you context for the HW Problems. These should be relatively easy to solve if you have a background in operations research and/or linear programming. For all problems that ask for solutions in GAMS, you can use Excel Solver, instead. These are due by 3/16

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