Newton’s equations of motion

2. A runner, starting from rest, accelerates at 4 m/s2 east for 10 seconds. She then sees a group of long­distance runners ahead and turns due south, accelerating from her previous speed to 20 m/s in 2 seconds to catch up with them. Show all formulas and steps to solution to earn full points. A. What is the velocity of the runner after the initial leg (due east)?  B. How far does the runner go during this first leg of the trip?  C. What is her acceleration during the second leg of the trip?  D. What is the total displacement (magnitude and direction) of the runner for the whole trip so far? E. After joining the group of runners at the group’s initial speed, the runner encounters a wind blowing from east to west at 18 m/s. What will the actual velocity of the runner be (magnitude and direction), relative to the ground?

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