New type of high load capacity of bearing seal discussion

Bearing seal is bearing in the harsh environment of the key parts in normal operation, it protect the Original TIMKEN Bearing from erosion and pollution, the clean lubrication of the bearing in good condition, prolong its life.In general, the bearing seals are even more important than the dust cover, and is limited by flexible rotation and a relatively low speed rotation. Designers in choosing a proper seal, the performance of the lubricant must be considered and transportation system and the desired working conditions.For roll bearing in use to withstand high loading, strong impact, and rust particles and water invasion, NSK company developed a new type of high load capacity of the sealing type, clean roll bearing lubrication. It is said that the load capacity of the bearing can be increased by 34%, with a higher reliability, can be in bad lubrication conditions to work long hours. After its improved seal bearing performance, combine the optimization of mechanics principle design patent technology, new material and seals, and easy installation.In ordinary sealed roller bearings, main seal and width limit the length of the roller, which limits the bearing load capacity. As a result, they in the new type roller bearing design, will keep frame file included in the seal gap, can make the roller is longer, so that maintains a diameter increased and the elongation of the roller and cage length does not increase, rising 34% basic load rating capacity, equivalent to extend bearing life 27 times. The bearing selection of high-quality ‘T – F bearing steel,’ was the key to improve the bearing performance, because the material of impurities and uneven lubrication is the main cause of premature bearing failure.Experience shows that under the condition of the pollution of the work, bearing inner into the debris, and these clastic particles can damage raceway, cause stress concentration. In addition, if the lubrication is not uniform, the metal rigid contact surface, tiny ‘peeling’ damage, can also lead to the contact area of stress concentration, the two kinds of results to cause stress concentration areas of the metal surface and crack, and ultimately shorten the bearing life.NSK company research shows that by changing the organization of the bearing steel, can improve the bearing under the condition of the pollution of impurities, or the working life of the edge of the lubrication condition, improve the ability of them to release the stress concentration on the edge.However, one of the best practical protective measures are: when impurities appeared, just stop it. A new type of seal NSK the advantages of both the above two patents. This new type of hole type seal can not only solve the inhibition of form a negative pressure, prevent water from inside the bearing, the primary seal is not directly exposed to the water, from ‘breathing’ in the water, and can play the function of impurity blocking in the groove.

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