Need fund rising or capital for my real estate business

I`m a real estate investor and I buy and sell real estate. Some times I need partners who have money if I`m a have a lot of loans out at one time. I need you to find private money and hard money lenders who will lend me money in the midwest ( Ohio Ky. Ind. and Michigan). If anyone has a list of private money lenders in the midwest &/or hard money lenders I would like to talk with you. If you can find me some investors or hard money lenders that I use I will give you $100 each time for finding them. They will be offered 9%-12% on great real estate deals as I will put them in 1st position on the deed as well until they are paid off which us usually in 4-12 months! If you have a data base of these private lenders I can work something out for the database as well. Looking for help as assistance and open for your input and ideas to get me the capital that I need!

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