Multi-vendor cart but unlike eBay

Hello,I want a multi-vendor shopping cart…somewhat similar to eBay where other people can sell their merchandises. Idea will be same…listing fees and Final value fees, feedback scores, option for opening a shop, a system to contact the seller, email notifications etc.  What will be different from eBay is Buyer’s protection system. My site will offer two kinds of Buyer’s protection system.i)Normal Buyer’s protection system(applicable on all purchases)ii)Advanced Buyer’s protection system(It will be optional)Buyers will be charged for using the Advanced Buyer protection system; whose charges will be very nominal (3% of the value of item) and will be applicable on expensive items only (say for commodities pricing more than Rs.5000). It will be a kind of insurance for expensive items. Normal buyer’s protection system will be FREE and will be applicable on every single item. I’ve attached a MS-Paint made picture as a prototype that will explain how the Buyers’ system will appear at the checkout page. I’ll explain you the things further when you’ll be ready to work.The other thing what will be different from eBay is the option to exchange an item. Yes, my site will offer an option to the item. For that, there will be nominal fees (I’ll provide the table for it) to see the contact details of the seller and there will be two options for exchanging…Either through us or outside. In this case also I’ll explain the things further when you’re ready.Since its gonna be an eCommerce website, it MUST look professional and elegant. The site should look pretty enough to make the visitors a life-long customers.Being a student, my budget is of Rs.6000-8,000 ($170 approx). I know the bucks offered are much less than the work that has to be done, but being a student that’s all I can spend…that’s my entire saving. And I’m doing this because I love online business. So I won’t mind if you amend any existing multi-vendor cart in order to minimize the work load and expenses as well on a condition that you’ll remove all the strings of the script developer and give it a totally different look.. Thank you for your time in reading out.

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