Marketing Research II

8. A supermarket has installed closed circuit cameras and TVs to find out the categories of products and specific brands favored by customers. This is done so that space allocated to different products can be revised. This is an example of:a. mystery shopper studyb. cycle time researchc. retailing researchd. logistical assessment11. Which of the following statements is true about marketing research firms?a. Standardized research firms offer brand name testing as their only service. b. Customized research include data made or developed from a common data pool or database.c. Syndicated business services offer all types of general services. d. A database established through optical scanner methods is an example of syndicated business services. 13. A researcher finds that respondents will probably misinterpret the term ‘salient’ used in a couple of survey questions. If the research is conducted in a scientific manner, this problem will most likely get caught at which stage of the research process?A. Step 2 – specification of research questions   B. Step 4 – determine the research design   C. Step 7 – pretest the questionnaire   D. Step 9 – data analysis   15. Consumer panels, as a commercial data collection method:A. use a rigorous data collection approach.   B. cost higher than primary data collection methods.   C. primarily measure media consumption habits as opposed to product or brand consumption.   D. measure product and brand movement directly at the point of sale. 16. John is getting ready to conduct a store audit. He makes a list of key variables measured in a store audit. Which of the following is NOT one of them?A. Beginning and ending inventory levels   B. Sales receipts   C. Point-of-purchase displays   D. Consumer attitudes toward store displays18. To more effectively communicate relationships and variables: a. researchers must follow conceptualization b. researchers must follow constructs and relationships. c. researchers must use the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS).d. researchers must use the Editors and Publishers Market Guide. 19. In which of the following situations is an exploratory research recommended?a. When a full scale study is likely to cost more than an exploratory studyb. When the researcher has greater expertise in conducting exploratory studies. c. When the literature review fails to yield a reasonable conceptual model. d. When the dependent variables are constructs 20. Which of the following hypothesis is always tested by researchers?a. Test hypothesisb. Alternative hypothesisc. Null hypothesisd. Statistical hypothesis22. A parameter is:A. the true value of the null hypothesis.   B. the true value of a variable.   C. an estimate of a variable, as determined through a sample.   D. is an estimate of the population parameter.23. Debriefing analysis is:A. a technique that encourages research participants to share emotional and subconscious reactions to a particular topic.   B. used by the researcher when discussing the ground rules with the focus group participants.   C. a detailed outline of the topics, questions, and sub questions used by the moderator to lead the focus group session.   D. an interactive procedure, of the researcher and the moderator, discussing the subjects’ comments and/or responses to the topics that outlined the focus group session. 24. Which of the following characteristics of observation describes the degree to which the researcher or trained observer actually observes the behavior or event as it occurs?a. awarenessb. structurec. directnessd. observing mechanism

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