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2. Which of the following statements is true regarding the types of self-administered surveys?a. Mail surveys ensure faster and greater response rates. b. Mail panel surveys can be used for longitudinal surveys. c. Drop off surveys are less expensive than mail surveysd. Online surveys require coding.5. Which of the following statements about constructs is false? a. Constructs aren’t directly observable. b. Measurements of constructs is direct in naturec. Customer satisfaction is an example of a construct6. The factors that impact the decision to use either a single-item or a multi-item scale are:a. The number of dimensions of the construct and the reliability. b. the reliability and validityc. the number of dimensions of the construct and the validityd. the number of dimensions of the construct and the reliability and validity. 7. Which of the following statements is true regarding the various scale measurement issues?a. The researcher should avoid using specific terms and instead use broad/general words. b. The researcher should use leading phrases. c. The researcher should give clear and simple instructions. d. The researcher should ensure that scale descriptors have minimal discriminatory power. 9. Which of the following statements about questionnaire design is incorrect?a. In the introduction section, one should include a general description of the study. b. One should ask all the easy questions first before going to more specific questions. c. In a given section of the questionnaire, one should mix and match different measurement formats to keep the respondent’s interest. d. Personal questions should be asked at the end of the survey. 10. A researcher is in the process of putting together a blueprint for training people to complete the interviewing process in a consistent fashion. The researcher is most likely developing a: a. supervisor instruction formb. respondent instruction formc. interviewer instructionsd. screening form13. In an early stage of developing grounded theory, a researcher develops a theory that is largely incorrect. Which of the following processes is intended to protect researchers from falling victim to early biases and preexisting prejudices? a. Negative Case Analysisb. Memoingc. Thick Descriptiond. Selective Coding14. While preparing a data display for a qualitative study, a researcher draws a picture that shows the collective connections that informants make between concepts and ideas. This is an example of a: a. casual diagramb. tree displayc. consensus map15. Which of the following are indicators of reliability? a. Findings are stable, repeatable and generalizable. b. Findings are repeatable, dynamic and directive. c. Findings are universal, measurable and representatived. Findings are representative, linear and dynamic 21. Which of the following measures is especially useful when dealing with ordinal data and data that is skewed either to the right or the left? a. Meanb. Medianc. Moded. Standard deviation24. The difference between a particular response and the distribution ean is called a(n): a. deviationb. standard deviationc. varianced. ANOVA25. The first step in developing codes for the anticipated responses to open ended questions is: a. consolidation of responsesb. generating a list of potential responsesc. assigning a numerical value as a coded. assigning a value to each response Categories: Homework MarketingSupplement:YOU MUST PROVIDE VALID EVIDENCE OF YOUR ANSWER! If you find on a website, please copy the web address and the passage that pertains to the question so that I can verify the validity of your answer. This will only expedite your payment!

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