Marketing Multiple Choice Questions

Please provide evidence with your answer, not just an opinion of why you think it is correct. 1. The purchasing agent for a sign making company received a memo that advised that an upcoming financial review would determine which employees had done the best job of reducing costs in their departments and which employees would continue working for the company as a result of their cost-cutting efforts. A salesperson trying to sell the agent a new printing press that would in the long-run saver the company money might find fear of termination controlling the agent’s actions. In this case _______ would influence the organizational buying decision. a. behavior factorsb. structural factorsc. the company’s code of ethicsd. purchase-type factors.2. Which of the following statements about marketing segmentation is true?a. Market segmentation is the process of dividing markets into groups of similar customers while positioning refers to the process of selecting the most appropriate groups to target.b. The decision to mass market a product does not require any market segmentation analysis. c. Generally, the first step in market segmentation is to determine consumer needs and wantsd. The market segments a company decides to focus on are referred to as its target markets3. A product audit by a cereal manufacturer would: a. categorize the cereals produced within its industry as to product similarities and differences. b. determine if the company should delete its Spider Man brand cereal. c. analyze the sales of all cereals in its competitive environment,. d. determine the competitive advantage for each brand of cereal in the market. 4. What type of product strategy is Pizza Hut using when it allows Marriott to offer its new specialty pizzas in the hotel chain’s room service menu?a. market developmentb. product developmentc. market saturation d. market penetration PT 2 5. What does out-rotating involvea. salesmen should be exchanged with competing firms from time to timeb. managers and salesmen should exchange jobs periodically c. employees should be placed in positions with dorect contact with customers, competitors and key outside groups. d. new product ideas should be brought in from outside the firm6. Which of the following statements about how the effectiveness of an advertising medium is measured is true? a. The most complex measurement method used is cost per thousand (CPM)b. When used as a media measurement, frequency is defined as the number of different targeted audience members exposed at least once of the advertiser’s messages within the predetermined time frame. c. When used as a media measurement, average reach refers to the number of times, on average, targeted audience members are exposed to an advertisement within a given time period. d. Such measures as circulation, audience size and sets in use per commercial message influence a media’s effectiveness. 7. For which of the following items would its selling organization most likely use cross-functional selling teams?a. a $200,000 printing press for a company that publishes school directories for colleges, universities and high schools all over the US. b. the landscaping of an entrance to a subdivision. c. an ad campaign for a local car dealerd. a gross of replacement computers for a university computer lab. 8. Firms may choose to develop corporate _______ systems in order to compete more effectively with other marketing systems. a. vertical distribution. b. vertical marketc. vertical channeld. market9. Internet marketing has had the highest degree of success in _______ marketing a. B2Cb. C2Cc. GOV 2 BIZd. B2B10. Price elasticity a measure of a consumer’s price sensitivity which is estimated by dividing relative changes in the quality sold by the a. volume consumedb. cost of the product of servicec. quality producedd. relative changes in price.

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