Make a Research then Create a Magazine Cover Page

Select a magazine genre such as sports, popular weeklies, fashion, and so on.Research how your selected magazine genre typically approaches layout and cover design.Create a cover for a magazine that typifies the style of your selected genre.Create hand-drawn thumbnail sketches prior to working within the Adobe® InDesign® program to think about multiple layout options before deciding on one.Create an Adobe® InDesign® file that is 7½ by 10 inches and CMYK. This is the file size you will be using for the remainder of the course in your individual assignments.Select a royalty-free or noncopyrighted image from the Internet or provide your own image for your cover page. Ensure that you properly cite and document your image and include it with your submission.Adjust the image using the Adobe® Photoshop® program so that it fills the cover page and is not pixilated. Adjust anything else to make the image look cover ready. You can use you own images, but make sure that the file size is under 5 MB.Find secondary images that are smaller in size and incorporate them into the cover design. Add as many images as you want, but apply best practices involved with publishing design.Write and place titles and text typically found on the type of magazine you are designing.Complete your magazine cover, bringing together all your components into one design that keeps the target audience of your magazine genre in mind.Submit your completed page as a .PDF and a .Indd file.

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