Lean Six Sigma Questions

Within a rational subgroup when n > 1 what type of variation would you expectA. Both within and between variationB.Within variationC. Between variationD.CovarianceIn a statistically valid survey about the Kennedy assassination there was a conspiracy. If the sample statisticproportion for the response ‘true’ for the question was 54.57% and its 95% confidence that the majority of people agreed with the conspiracy theory.A. TrueB. False When using a multivariate control chart what are some of the disadvantages of using control ellipse?A. You lose the time sequency in this chartB. It becomes very difficult with more thantwo variablesC. You cannot determine which factor causethe out of control conditionD. All of the aboveE. A and BWhen would a Master Black Belt suggest use of Force Field Analysis during a Lean Six Sigma initiative?A.  When a project is likely to be accepted by most executives as a worthwhile pursuitB.  When a project is likely to impact a successful part of a businessC.  When a project is likely to address areas recognized as a common customer issuesD.  When a project is likely to impact an area that is losing money A binomial distribution is a continuous distribution with two modes.A.TrueB.FalseWhat type of factors should be in a control plan?A. The statistical analysis of the projectB. The project leader’s contact info if the process goes out of control againC. Operational defintra of the imput and/ or outputD. All of the aboveIf a distribution is normal and we are testing at a 5% significance level we would expect the result of theAnderson Darling test to beA. A smaller a-squared value and a larger p-value (>0.05)B. A larger a-squared value and a smaller p-value (>0.05)C. A smaller a-squared value and a smaller p-value (>0.05)D. A larger a-squared value and a lager p-value (>0.05)

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