KOYO import bearing seal characteristics and functions essay

Believe the inline of KOYO bearing of people are familiar with, but how to master the identification method of KOYO import Dynamic Load Rating Of SKF 3209A-RS1 Bearing? Below I introduce I often use the method, and everyone to share.(1) prior to installation check good thrust ball bearing, ensure that the two roll flaking and serious wear and tear, then check that the ball, make sure it’s in good condition, no broken and pitting. Cage to ensure that no deformation occurs, is not with two race into washer, and putting the ball firmly tucked together.Taper roller bearings (2) examine its body and inner ring raceway spalling does exist, whether the cage elastic properly, if too loose kuang, unfavorable choose. At the same time, to see the inside circle around edges is complete, complete raceway whether there is a crack. After the inner ring and roller assembly into outer ring, roller should fall into the groove in the middle, if there is a phenomenon of forward, forward amount must not exceed 1.5 mm. There is a unqualified the above-mentioned requirements, the bearing cannot be used.(3) the centripetal ball bearings normal centripetal ball bearings between the inner and outer ring and the body of the gap between 0.005 0.010 mm, when along the radial shaking inside and outside the circle, touch less than clearance, used by the bearing inner ring in hand can be used along the axial shake, if the outer ring and ball has obvious noise, then they fit clearance of more than 0.03 mm, in this case, do not continue to use the KOYO import bearings. Normal bearing inner and outer ring raceway there should be no flaking and severe grinding mark, there is a bright arc grooves, all of the ball are round, smooth surface, no crack, flake or spots. Confirm the bearing cage is not loose, not broken, to wear out. When we use a hand took inner ring, and another hand quickly jog outer ring rotates, its rotation to smoothly, no vibration, except the sound of the ball rolling on mild, without any noise. When it stops should be gradually slow down, stop after no setback.

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