innerHTML problem

Hi to all. I have a task wich i show you in the end of message. My problem is coming from innerHTML. Under firefox and chrome everything is OK but when i start it under IE7 and above nothing happend. This is my code : this is in JS file: function validate(param) { if(param.length >=3) { ////show the parameter and check it for minimal lenght in the entry of the text field var regex = /^(d+)-(d+)$/i; // create regular expression that we use for our purposes //var regex = /(d+)(.(d+))*(/(d+))*-(d+)$/ ; var match = regex.exec(param); if(match !== null) { //check if we have a coincidence var select = generateSelecte(match[1], match[2]); //call the function with the two elemets, two numbers if(select !== false) { //if we have some result document.getElementById(‘mineSelect’). innerHTML = select; //in DOM we put the checkd result } } else { alert(‘The use value ”+param+” is not valid’); } } else { return false; } } function generateSelecte(el1 , el2) {    el1 = parseInt(el1);   el2 = parseInt(el2);   var DOMselect = ”;  // empty string   if(el1 < el2) { //when first number is lower we have positiv incrementation     for(var k = el1; k <= el2; k++) {        DOMselect = DOMselect + '‘; // на всеки елемент добавяме нов елемент оптионс за всяко въртене на цикъла     }//on every element we add new options for every rotation in to the LOOP      return DOMselect;   }   else if(el1 > el2) {     for(var k = el1; k >= el2; k–) { //negative, subtrac 1       DOMselect = DOMselect + ‘‘;     }     return DOMselect;   }   else {     return false;   }} this is in HTML file

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