individual work week 9 introduction to terrorism – 11

Instructional Objectives for this activity: Explain the new terrorist threat. Describe the historical roots and the types of weapons of mass destruction. As discussed in the previous studies by Combs, apply the knowledge of weapons o mass destruction to the following assignment. In a 200-300 word essay, elaborate on the history of WMD (weapons of mass destruction) and the types of WMD. Make sure to answer all the following questions in detail and cite your sources. Analyze the history of weapons of mass destruction (WMD), biological weapons, chemical weapons, and nuclear weapons and the future threat of WMD. Explain the types of WMD that are readily available to terrorist groups and explain the toxicity of the agent. For citation guidelines, please refer to the table in the APA Style section of the syllabus. Save your document with a file name that includes your_name_course code-section number_title. To submit your Individual Work, go to the Dropbox and click ‘Submit Assignment.’ Submit this document to the Week 9: Individual Work basket in the Dropbox.

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