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You have just graduated as a Medical Assistant/ Medical Administrative Assistant and have landed the ideal dream job you have worked so hard to get. What do you do? One of your co-workers confided in you that she has a crush on a male patient and called his home phone leaving a message that his insurance will not cover the Testosterone testing that was billed and would he be willing to allow her to change the chart to some other test so the charges can be rebilled.  The employee knew that his girlfriend would overhear- hoping it would break them up.  What do you do?Is this a HIPAA violation?  Explain in detail what the reporting process should include and the consequences.  Should this employee lose her job?  What would the potential consequences for the biller be if the record is changed?Does this subject the office to any liability?  Define which individuals could suffer fines or possible criminal penalties and how.How would this be document

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