Hospitality: Meetings, Recreation, and events

1. The treasurer of the club is responsible for ________________. (Points : 1)  leading meetings and creating agendas for the meetings  setting menu prices for catering and banquet menus  providing advice on financial matters, preparing budgets and control systems  recording minutes of meetings and taking care of club-related correspondence 2. Recreation is used by people to restore, rest, and relax their minds and bodies. (Points : 1)  True  False 3. The core competencies of the general manager of a club include all of the following except ___________. (Points : 1)  proficiency in club operations and management  mastering the skills of asset management  preserving and fostering the culture of the club  maintaining membership in the local chamber of commerce 4. Places where members gather for social, recreational, professional, or fraternal reasons are called ____________. (Points : 1)  private clubs  offices  off-premises catering  conference centers 5. The typical gaming guest exhibits all of the following characteristics except _______________. (Points : 1)  a high school education.  a high level of income  a tendency to be a white collar employee  often younger 6. Gaming entertainment has no connection to the hospitality industry. (Points : 1)  False  True 7. A public gambling house was legalized for the first time in 1626 in ______________. (Points : 1)  London, England  Paris, France  Venice, Italy  Warsaw, Poland 8. The origin of gambling _______________. (Points : 1)  started in China  is unknown  began in Rome  started with the Native Americans 9. Clubs that operate on a for-profit basis are known as ______________. (Points : 1)  profit clubs  non-commercial clubs  commercial clubs  proprietary clubs 10. Bugsy Siegel was known for all of the following except ______________. (Points : 1)  racketeering  opening the Flamingo Hotel and Casino  running murder for hire operations  being close friends with J. Edgar Hoover

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