hospitality management

Task 1Classfication systems and Standards.a, Explain by use of a table or chart, the most important hospitality classifications or grading systems used to classify both accomidation and food providers in the Uk. Explain the purpose of these systems and how the use if symbols, such as those of the AA, can differintiate  between various types of accmodation and food providers. task 1 guidance- explain classification systems and standards used in the hospitality industry.Task 2 Organisation structure of Hospitality bussinessa, Produce a table to identify and describe the internal organisation , including the staffing and departmental structure of at least 3 different hospitality operations including a large accomodation provider, such as a hotel and a licensed retail brand with which you are familiar with.b,Illustrate the above by drawing up organisations charts for departments of large accomodation providers or management structures for licensed retail brands.You must include reference to both internal and external factors affecting the structure of your chosen bussiness.task 2 guidance- describe how different support functions are used to support the operation of hospitality bussiness.

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