help with a unfinished program

i made a spyware and i finished and i had 2 problems in order to activate this is to save the file in a specific place(not going to type it) but i ddint know how to do this ,i dont know how to choose where can i save.(so normally it saves in the visual studio folder but i need to put it somewhere else) it wont work with out it.and the oder one is to encrypt the file where its going to save(lets say there is a text file called keylogger, then i have to encrypt the words and put a lock on it so no one can see it, howver this is hard again this can be illigal but im using it against a practice and even i was trying to use it into bad use it will take me ages to put it in someones computer so please any solutuion? -i need a code that orders the program to save in certin places

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