Health Class Final Project

This needs to be an A  paper original work.  I really need to max out the points to pass the class.  Your final project is coming up in unit 9.  This project counts for 20% of your grade this semester.  It is important to start early, even if you are still working to finish up the previous unit’s project.  You need to record your intake for 3 days.  This is easy to do even if you are still working on the previous unit because you should already be eating each day.  The only difference is that now you will record all the information.  I will provide you with additional details for the project, following along with the directions posted already in the classroom.  This will serve as a guide to let you know what I am looking for.1.Keep a food diary for 3 days. >> This means a full food record, complete with all food details, how much, what kind, etc.  List the times with the meals/snacks.  This will be presented at the end of the paper, after the reference page, as an appendix (does not count towards the page count, but I do want to see this).  You may decide to use this as a starting point for your introduction to the paper.  For this assignment, it is appropriate to write in the first person (using ‘I’).  Do not include the entire list of foods you ate, but you can include something about the process as you are introducing your paper.2. Visit for this.  To highlight, you may find ti easiest to copy and paste the table into Word and then highlight using Word functions for highlighting.  Again, these charts are not part of the length/page count of your paper, so they need to come as an appendix.  You can refer to the appendix in your paper if needed (Looking at appendix B, we can see that the intake of xxxxxxx- to give you an example). 4. Compare your results if you were a pregnant woman, a lactating woman and a 70+ elderly man (even if you are really female). Identify areas where you can improve your diet. What changed (in your requirements) because you were pregnant? lactating? elderly?  >>> This is to show your learning as compared to other groups of individuals.  If you have assessed yourself and you are really pregnant, remember that the program does not know this and you were assessed as if you were not.  Therefore, there should be no trouble with this section.  The same goes for a lactating woman and a 70+ year old man.  Find out what their needs are and how these differ from your needs.5. Compare your recommended kcal intake (in your personal profile) to your actual average kcal intake. If you were pregnant, lactating, elderly…would you be meeting your calorie requirements? Would you be gaining, losing, or maintaining weight?  >>> This is a discussion on energy balance and will likely be different between all of these groups.  Calculate what you would need based on your own energy needs (from the program) and then add what is recommended in pregnancy and lactation to obtain those values.  For an elderly person, use the Mifflin St. Jeor equation, with your height and weight, and then use 70 as the age.  You may use your own gender for this, it does not have to be male.6. Can any of these cause specific diet-related health problems (as a pregnant female, lactating female, elderly man) for you over time? Be specific.7. Do you think this 3 day dietary record can be used to make accurate assumptions about your overall, long- term nutritional status (as a pregnant female, lactating female, elderly man)? Why or why not?8. Some nutrients to look at: Calories, Fat, Protein, Carbohydrate, Fiber, Vitamin C, B vitamins, vitamin D, vitamin E, folic acid, zinc, calcium, iron, fluids.  >>> This is a side note, this should be included throughout your actual paper as you discuss the needs in all groups.This project is a CLA assessment for this class. The paper you submit must be your own work. The paper must be at least 4-5 pages in length and in APA format. If you borrow ideas from printed sources or from people you have spoken to or heard speak, be certain to cite the sources of those ideas, even when paraphrasing. Include a separate reference page that is formatted as per APA guidelines. At least 3 professional references (other than your textbook) must be included in your paper. For information in formatting per APA guidelines, visit Kaplan’s Writing Center.  >>>Please note that you need 3 professional references other than your textbook.  This means to carefully evaluate any reference you are using, especially if it is a website. I will not count non-professional/non-academic websites towards this.  If you have a question about a website or anything else, please message me in advance.

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