Great expectations by Charles Dickens essay

1.Pip says, “I discovered a singular affinity between seeds and corduroys.” What is another way of saying the same thing? 2. How does the girl who lets Pip in at the gate of Miss Havisham’s treat Pip? 3. How do Pip and Estella entertain Miss Havisham? 4. Why does Pip cry? 5. What does Pip imagine he sees in the garden? 6. Why doesn’t Pip describe to his sister what he saw at Miss Havisham’s? 7. Explain what Pip means when he says, “Whitewash on the forehead darkens the brain into a 8. state of obstinacy perhaps.” 9. How does Pip know that the stranger at the Jolly Bargeman knows the convict? What does the stranger give Pip? 10. When does Estella let Pip kiss her? Why doesn’t he enjoy the victory over the “pale gentleman” – or the kiss? 11. Whom does Pip trust enough to tell everything – even the story of the fight with the pale gentleman? 12. Whom does Miss Havisham tell Pip to bring along on his next visit? Why does Pip’s sister “go on the rampage” about this?

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