Fundamentals of Hospitality Airline Travel

1. Which of the following is not one of the changes an airline traveler might experience? (Points : 1)  Free Wi-Fi  Time delays  Enhanced airport restrictions  Fewer refreshments on flights 2. All of the following are potential negative impacts that tourism may have on the local environment except: (Points : 1)  natural resources threatened by overuse.  unchecked growth which may upset the balance of nature.  partnerships formed between governments and local industries to put regulations in place to protect resources.  noise, litter, and air pollution. 3. Internal customers are __________________. (Points : 1)  those who have checked into the hotel  those who have been seated in a restaurant dining room  loyal customers who return frequently  the people inside any company who receive or benefit from the output of work done by others in the company 4. Which characteristic is not typically found in a business traveler? (Points : 1)  Younger  Stay for extended periods at a location  Spend more money  Travel in small groups 5. Sustainable tourism _____________________. (Points : 1)  has no effect on society  places a broad-based obligation on society  causes a decline in tourism  places a strain on the local infrastructure 6. Two major challenges of lodging franchising are avoiding financial failure by the franchisee and ___________. (Points : 1)  slow growth in the industry  decreased use of central reservation systems by guests due to increased availability of internet booking options  up-front fees are too high for potential franchisees  maintaining quality standards 7. The Hilton and Sheraton brands did not begin franchising until the _________. (Points : 1)  1950s  1960s  1970s  1980s 8. Which of the following is not part of the hospitality umbrella? (Points : 1)  Trucking  Lodging  Recreation  Travel 9. Great service __________________. (Points : 1)  can result in repeat business  is very simple to achieve  happens in all hospitality industries  is not expected by most guests 10. A major benefit of the hub and spoke system adopted by major U.S. airlines is __________________. (Points : 1)  airlines can service more cities at a lower cost  airlines can hire fewer employees  airlines can save marketing costs  airlines have more control over which passengers select their services

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