Formal change control system

3000-4000 words. Please read the whole assignment.. Thank you loves!!! Project Scenario: You are the project manager for company that manufactures communication applications for cell phones and digital TVs. As a project manager, you have been assigned an in-house project of refreshing your company’s computer and cell phones for all employees within the next year. The company employs 5,000 employees who telecommute and are located in North and South America. Each employee is supplied with a company-owned laptop computer and cell phone. Your supervisor just notified you that it’s time to upgrade the computers and cell phones at the company. You are in charge of the SuperDuper XXII Computer and Cell Change-out Project, scheduled to start next year on Jan. 1 and completed by Oct. 1. The budget has not yet been established, but a few givens: The new computer retails at $1,000 each, with a 10% discount. The software upgrades will run about $500 per computer. You are considering hiring an outsourcing firm and initial project proposals from three vendors show an average cost range of $200,000-$300,000 for a turnkey operation. The IT department includes 350 employees. You plan on using 10% of the in-house staff to help with the project rollout. Create a full Project plan using Microsoft Project. Enter your resources that have the necessary skill sets in Microsoft Project, and then assign your resources to the activities to produce the cost estimates. Your Microsoft Project software should include the following: Deliverables Tasks to complete deliverables Estimated task durations based on available resources Planned start dates (Use Predecessor relationships to sequence tasks) Planned completion dates (Use Predecessor relationships to sequence tasks)Planned Milestones (Use Predecessor relationships to sequence tasks) Individual(s) or department(s) assigned to complete the work of tasks to produce deliverables (use the Resource Sheet view to list resources, and then use Assign Resources tool in the Gantt chart view to assign resources to tasks) Estimated project completion date based on use of Predecessor relationships to sequence tasks Control is the last element of your project. Add a summary about some of the things that would require performance control in the project. This can include the performance of the project, cost changes, and timeline adjustments. Changes occur in any type of project. Therefore, a formal change control system is necessary in the overall project plan, as well. How will project contracts or agreements be introduced and processed? After the project is approved, what is the potential impact of changes on budgets, schedules and deliverables? How will the project team be advised of changes to the project? Include information about the change order as part of the master project plan. Add any other information important to project scope changes

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