Final Business Report

Since you just did the last part I am offering you first bid This week you will compile all of the information from the course project and submit a business report. The report will include information about the two firms within the same industry that you have been analyzing throughout the course. RequiredPrepare a business report that summarizes the information researched on your two firms. The report should include the following:Name and background information on each of the firms.Overview of the financial statement and ratio analysis performed for each firm.Detail related to the trend of the stock price performance for each firm.Indication as to which firm you feel is the most financially stable, supporting your position with your research and concepts from this course.Your assignment should be a minimum of 5 written pages and utilize APA formatting. In-text citations and a reference page should also be included.JFiler_CompanySelectionandStockWatch_072714.xlsxJFiler_Ratio_Analysis_083114 (1).docxModule 07_Ratio Analysis Problem.xlsx20140916164508stock_watch_list.docx what you just completedJFiler_InvestmentsInterestRatesRisk_081714.docx

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