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1. BalanceSheet AnalysisComplete the balance sheet and sales information in the table that follows forHoffmeister Industries using the following financial data:Debtratio: 55% Quick ratio: 0.95 Total assets turnover: 2.8Days sales outstanding: 31 days* Gross profit margin on sales: (Sales – Cost of goods sold)/Sales = 26% Inventory turnover ratio: 5.0* Calculation is based on a 365-day year. Round your answers to the nearest whole dollar. BalanceSheet  Cash    $     Accounts  payable    $     Accounts  receivable    $     Long-term  debt    $ 60,000      Inventories    $     Common stock    $     Fixed assets    $     Retained  earnings    $ 97,500      Total assets    $ 300,000    Total  liabilities and equity    $     Sales    $     Cost of goods  sold    $   2. CorporateAfter-Tax YieldThe Shrieves Corporation has $10,000 that it plans to invest in marketablesecurities. It is choosing among AT&T bonds, which yield 8.5%, state ofFlorida muni bonds, which yield 4% (but are not taxable), and AT&Tpreferred stock, with a dividend yield of 7%. Shrieves’s corporate tax rate is35%, and 70% of the dividends received are tax exempt. Find the after-tax ratesof return on all three securities. Round your answers to two decimal places.    A-T rate of  return on AT&T bond    %    A-T rate of  return on Florida muni bonds    %    A-T rate of  return on AT&T preferred stock    %

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