Explore a social networking Web site

1.Explore a social networking Web site, and analyze how businesses appear to be using the site. What do you see as some of the pros and cons for this type of software, from the perspective of a Fortune 500 versus a small company’s perspective?2. Here is a link to a site that offers some information about when reviewing shopping carts. Please use this site as you see fit for the next topic question below. shopping-cart-review.toptenreviews.com/ 3.Out there in the real world there are ecommerce service providers who offer some degree of service products to your ecommerce web site. Some offer a turnkey (everything you need) service and some offer components such as carts. PayPal is an example of an ecommerce service provider. While they do not offer web sites and hosting (perhaps just around the corner)they do offer cart hosting. Every service provider offers a different take on providing their service and various interfaces. UPS is another example of a service provider.Our task this week is to find an ecommerce service provider online and analyze their offerings along with a detailed view of how it may work and integrate with a functioning ecommerce web site. DO NOT analyze an ecommerce site selling products. Please focus on providers of ecommerce turnkey products or sites having ecommerce tools. Let’s see some in-depth hard-hitting analysis.Kindly note that two of my classmates already talked about Twitter and LinkedIn. Many ThanksMuyiwa

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