Essay about Superstition

Part 1Think about the Chinese culture come from and its superstitions. Use the word ‘tradition’ if superstition is offensive.  PLEASE do not choose Feng Shui or The Evil Eye, the numbers 13, 4 or 8. I have had too many essays on those subjects. Choose something fun and new!Think about the ‘big questions’ such as: 1) What happens after death? 2) Where were you before you were born?Ask about the ‘big events’: birth, death, marriage, a job interview, a final exam, childbirth, big games/competitions, dangerous situations, winning or losing money. You may find people have a lot to say about these events.Research the origin of the superstition. If you cannot find any information then choose another topic. You must be able to research the origins of the superstition you choose. It is not acceptable to use a superstition whose origins cannot be traced.Cite your sources.Part 2Now analyze this superstition: Is it beneficial, detrimental or neutral to culture? State your reasoning.Do you personally believe this superstition? Why or why not?What faulty logic is present in this belief? What fallacious reasoning allows the belief in this superstition?Apply the scientific method and critical thinking standards that you have learned. What are the results? Is the superstition or custom logical?600-700

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