Ergonomics work related injury/stress analysis

Work Related Injury/Stress AnalysisSubmit Parts 1, 2, and 3 as one word document. Separate each part in the document with a page break.Part 1: (minimum of 200 words)Complete the knife analysis exercise on p. 223 HFE Chap 11-13.pdf of the textbook. Describe the differences in the knives shown in Figure 11.8. Discuss the results of the analysis and provide reasons why it is important to have so many types of knives.Part 2: (minimum of 200 words)Analyze the effect of each measure in the Equation for heat stress in Table 12.3 on p. 235 HFE Chap 11-13.pdf in the textbook: M-W=C+R+EDiscuss what measures would be practical to reduce heat stress, and why some measures would not be practical in the following environments:• A deep underground metal mine where the temperature is 90 degrees with 99% humidity.• An office at 90 degrees and 50% humidity.• Outdoor tennis game at 90 degrees and 50% humidity.Part 3: (minimum of 200 words)Discuss Poulton’s and Broadbent’s Theories on the effects of noise on performance.Discuss the positive and negative effects of noise on:• Repetitive assembly• Performance in problem solving APA formatCourse book: A Guide to Human Factors and ergonomics by Martin Helander, 2006 Taylor & Francis Group. LLC

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