Hi I have a very basic understanding of Java, and find it very difficult to learn, so I hope I am in the right place. I am currently working on this project and here are the instructions:Write a program that makes use of a class called Employee that will calculate an employee’s weekly paycheque. Design your class based on the UML diagram to the right as well as the following notes:A static field, empCount, keeps track of the number of instantiated employees and can be retrieved using the static method getCount( )The constructor initializes the employee’s name and employee number (a random number in the range of 1000 – 9999)The method setEmployeePay( ) is overloaded to accomodate different payment methods based on empType: Type 1 – Salaried employees have a yearly salary, payed on a weekly basisType 2 – Hourly employees are paid an hourly rate for the number of hours worked (overtime is time and a half for hours over 40)Type 3 – Piece employees are paid a base amount plus $24.00 for every piece completedThe method calculatePay( ) will determine what the employee’s weekly pay is, based on their payment typeThe methods getName( ) and getNumber( ) return the employee’s name and employee number respectivelyAll input & output should be displayed in the main class onlyThe main program should test your class by instantiating four different employees: Test a salaried employeeTest two hourly employees, one who has worked overtime and one who hasn’tTest a piecework employeeThe following data can be hard-coded into your program (no prompts to enter data other than the names): Employee 1: (22.50, 35.0)Employee 2: (45350.00)Employee 3: (500.00, 25)Employee 4: (14.75, 48.0)And the output…Enter a name: BobEmployee count is 1Enter a name: TedEmployee count is 2Enter a name: CarolEmployee count is 3Enter a name: AliceEmployee count is 4Employee 1583 Bob earned: $787.50Employee 4891 Ted earned: $872.12Employee 7954 Carol earned: $1,100.00Employee 5497 Alice earned: $767.00UML DiagramNow I’m not gonna lie, I have no idea where to start. I will post my code but I am nowhere near done.public class Lab01 {/*** @param args the command line arguments*/public static void main(String[] args) {// TODO code application logic here// Declare variablesint empCount; //number of objects in memoryString empName; //employee nameint empNumber; //employee numberdouble empSalary; //employee salarydouble empRate; //employee pay ratedouble empHours; //employee hours workeddouble empBase; //employee base pay rateint empPieces; //extra pieces made by employeeint empType; //employee typepublic double calculatePay(){if(empType == 1){ setEmployeePay(45350.00);empSalary = empSalary / 52;return empSalary;}elseif (empType == 2 && empCount == 1){setEmployeePay(22.50 35.0);return empRate * empHours;}elseif (empType == 2 && empCount == 4){setEmployeePay(14.75 48.0);return empRate * empHours;}elseif(empType == 3){setEmployeePay(500.00 25);return empBase + (empPieces * 24);}

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