edu 352 assignment week 5

Unit plan or Lesson Plan Collection Submit a unit plan spanning One to Four weeks. Technology should be integrated for assessment, instruction, and student engagement. You may use a single form of technology or multiple forms depending on what best suits the needs of the lesson and students. You may use some or all of the lesson plans you’ve been developing throughout the course, combine or adapt them into the plan. The intention of this assignment is for you to reflect on all the learnings from the course and put them to practice for classroom implementation. Your unit plan must include the following: Standards and Goals to be addressed Audience Materials Time span (for each lesson and unit) Activities Assessment The unit needs to include a meaningful integration of technology or technologies to support the instruction. Just as it might not be appropriate to use technology in every element of a lesson, you should not write it into your lesson plan unless the use of technology supports the teaching and learning in effective ways. For example, using a software program to create story books might not be the best use of time if your goal is for students to analyze passages of writing, but it might be an effective use of time if you want students to demonstrate understanding of elements of plot. Just as you will do with your own students in your classroom, explain the motivation and purpose for your choices.

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