Economics of Healthcare competitive ability

Write a paper of 4-5 pages discussing the competitive ability of acquiring a surgical robot unit. In your paper, include the following information: Who are the stakeholders in this scenario (both internal and external)?What is the impact to the various stakeholders of acquiring a surgical robot unit?What are the external and internal factors that will impact the decision?How might consumers (patients) react?How will acquiring this technology impact the organization’s ability to compete?How do providers influence the decisions that patients make? What type of decisions do patients make as a natural consequence of the influence from providers and physicians?  Consider the provider setting, treatment type, and method of reimbursement when formulating a response.How are insurance plans (including government payers) impacted by the decisions that patients and their doctors make?  Consider supply and demand concepts when formulating a response.How are physicians and patients regulated by government?  Describe how the regulatory environment will impact the health care economy when formulating a response. Also, prepare a PowerPoint presentation of 4-5 slides on the same issue, and be sure to do the following: Make sure to use proper formatting for your presentation.Include 150–250 words of speaker notes.Include citations and a reference slide.

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