Discussion Questions 1 & 2

Discussion Question 1ITPM Best Practices’ Please respond to the following:Explain how ITPM best practices can facilitate process change within an organization. Determine if ITPM would be used differently depending upon the industry in which it was used. Explain your answer.Evaluate the four risk-mitigation options and strategies. Give your opinion as to what circumstances would warrant each strategy Discussion Question 2’Project Costing and Business Continuity’ Please respond to the following:Explain why any proposed process change requires cost estimating. In your opinion, determine whether or not cost estimating is a critical part of analyzing the feasibility of projects. Support your answer.Assess business continuity planning (BCP) as a process that adds business value.  Explain the correlation between business value and project cost estimation as they relate to BCP. List and support three business justifications for business value outweighing the possible cost estimation when considering BCP.

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