Discuss each rule, and determine why each is important for Law Enforcement?

Rule.5Use complete sentences in your report.Rule.6 ifthe subject is singular the verb in that sentence should also be singular. Ifthe subject is plural the verb must also be plural.Rule.7Collective nouns are always singular therefore their verbs should also besingular.Rule.8Indefinite pronouns are always singular.Rule.9use adjective to alter, give additional meanings to modify nouns and pronouns.Use adverbs to alter, give additional meaning to or modify verbs, adjectives,and other adverbs.Rule.10most words ending in –ly are adverbs. Not, never and very are also adverbs.Rule.11when deciding whether to use an adjective or an adverb find the word beingmodified. If the word is a noun or pronoun use the adjective, if the word isand adjective or adverbs use an adverb.Rule .12do not use run on sentences, run on sentence’s are sentences that contain twoor more sentences in one long sentence.Rule.13Eliminate comma splices comma splices occur when two complete sentences arejoined with commas without connecting words.Rule.14uses correct punctuation in your reports.Rule.15use apostrophes to show possession.Rule.16many people do not understand the rules for using brackets.  The general rule in the law enforcement fieldis that you not use them in the reports that you will be writing.Rule.17using quotation marks on a report can enclose exactly what a person said.Rule.18does not use abbreviations in reports that can be confusing to the people thatare unfamiliar with the subject matter.Rule.19poor spelling creates doubt about the report.Rule.20If any force is used, the report should contain all the specifics of how andwhy the officer had to use force.Rule.21if handcuffs are used the officer should report that fact.

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