Database Design

You just took a job witha University and have been asked to track some information about the coursesthey offer. The previous employee was using a spreadsheet to track thisinformation. The University is expanding from three classes to three hundredclasses. Enrollment is expected to increase from around 20 students to 5,000.Your supervisors are not very tech savvy and they simply ask you to continuemaintaining the spreadsheet. Download the spreadsheet labeled final_project.xlsx.Explain the issues that exist with maintaining the data     in its current form.Explain the process of migrating the data in its     current form to a well formed data model by highlighting the following in     detail:   Identify required attributes that need to be tracked  Identify functional dependencies  Show the redesign in 1NF, 2NF, and 3NF (similar to      figures 7.29, 7.31, 7.33)Explain the benefits of the data in its new form.Create the E-R diagram of your relational tables using     MySQL Workbench.Provide the SQL statement required to create at least     one of your tables.Provide the SQL statement required to delete at least     one of your tables.Provide the SQL statement required to create a view     which includes Course #, Course Name, Time, and Days only.Identify at least one index, which you believe would     improve performance. Explain your choice.Propose some additional data items, which you believe     may be beneficial to the University if tracked in your database (i.e.     Descriptions, more info about the instructors and students, departments,     etc). Describe the steps required to implement these additions.If you add a course description attribute to your     course table, there may be some performance impacts imposed by the     addition of this “text” field.Discuss a physicaldesign technique to improve the performance of the new course descriptionfield.

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