Cultural Diversity Presentation

This task must be done without any plagiarism and with college level writing. Must include all details required in the assignment.This is a copy of chapters 11 and 12 of the text  The Importance of Cultural Connections.docx                                                                      Cultural Diversity Presentation Chapters 11 and 12 of the text illustrate the need for schools and teachers to connect with families of English language learners. To facilitate this collaborative spirit, educators must encourage parents of all cultures to become part of the school culture. Think about what you would like parents to know as they partner with you in educating their child. What could parents share about their culture that would help the classroom teacher be more effective? Design a series of three activities for parents and students at your school that honor and respect cultural diversity. Your plan should include the following: a.Explain the purpose for each activity b.Describe the target group you are addressing c.Explain the activities d.Describe the materials/resources needed to execute each activity Requirements for this assignment include: •A demonstration of prior knowledge; the student should be able to build from previous discussion board topics or assignments to help frame this assignment. •Original problem-solving skills will be presented via research. •APA guidelines will be applied, and standard grammar will be observed. •The page length will range from four to six pages. •At least three outside scholarly sources are needed for this paper.

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