Create an Application that Presents and Explains Your Implementation Plan

Design an application or site that presents and explains your Implementation Plan. The site must include all sections of the plan and related content and consist of multiple web pages.Demonstrate the following characteristics:· Effective file management· Accurate and functional markup code· Effective and functional navigationUse any familiar web, Java™, .NET, or database development tool to design, develop, and create the application or site.The application or site must adhere to the following criteria:· Apply usability best practices and principles of design.· Page content is organized and professional.· Create effective navigation for the application or site.· Integrate multimedia effectively.· Use internal, external, and anchor links in the application or site.· Demonstrate the plan for testing.Submit your application or site in a compressed .ZIP file or folder. Include all runtime executable and source files. Identify what file should be loaded (.INDEX or .DEFAULT) or run (.EXE) first.

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