Create a Program Considering 3 Stages

Type your programming question here. 1.  Write a program in the following stages: a)  Step 1: Write code that will create a 640×480 picture, with every pixel set to the color (123,3,21). This picture should be stored in a variable called spam. Display the picture to the user. b)  Step 2: Reassign spam to hold a picture the user selects. Update the output window so it displays this picture instead of the one from Step 1. Step 3: Draw a circle and rectangle at random locations on the picture. By random I mean use randInt or randRange. Remember using random functions requires one extra step at the beginning of a program! Have the user choose a color for each of the shapes. Hint: addRect( picture, x, y, width, height, color) and addOval( picture, x, y, width, height, color ). Set the widths and heights for both to 50…

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