Create a correlation table for the variables in our Employee Salary

I need statistics help. The class is BUS 308: Statistics for Managers… I need help with the week 5 assignment. I have it in an excel spreadsheet with the data tables. Here are the questions: Create a correlation table for the variables in our Employee Salary Data Set. (Use analysis ToolPak or the StatPlus:mac LE software function Correlation.)Interpret the results. What variables seem to be important in seeing if we pay males and females equally for equal work?Below is a regression analysis for salary being predicted/explained by the other variables in our sample  (Mid, age, ees, sr, raise, and deg variables.) Note: since salary and compa are different ways of expressing an employee’s salary, we do not want to have both used in the same regression.Perform a regression analysis using compa as the dependent variable and the same independent variables as used in question 2.  Show the result, and interpret your findings by answering the same questions.Note: be sure to include the appropriate hypothesis statements.Based on all of your results to date, is gender a factor in the pay practices of this company?  Why or why not? Which is the best variable to use in analyzing pay practices – salary or compa? Why?Why did the single factor tests and analysis (such as t and single factor ANOVA tests on salary equality) not provide a complete answer to our salary equality question? What outcomes in your life or work might benefit from a multiple regression examination rather than a simpler one variable test?

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