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Preparation: Create a blog using where you will post responses to questions posed in the Journal. If this is your first time to create a blog, please look at the Blogger Quickstart Guide and examples of good and poor blog design within the recommended reading section this week. Give some thoughtful consideration to naming your blog due to the possibility that you may want to continue using it beyond the end of this course and be certain your blog is set so it can be publically viewed. Content: Consider the many changes in our world due to technology. Refer to the video History of Educational Technology and article Technology Integration: A Short History from your required readings. Share several of the key developments that you think have been most significant.  Explain why your choices can be considered “key developments”.  Reflect upon your experience with technology in the classroom (for example, from possibly low tech overhead projectors to high-tech interactive white boards).  Describe how the use of technology increased or decreased your learning and explain why.

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