Counseling Project: Case Summary

I AM ATTACHING AN EXAMPLE OF WHAT THE PAPER NEEDS TO LOOK LIKE Case_Study_Case_Summary_of_Helen(1).pdf I AM ALSO ATTACHING THE GRADING RUBIC FOR THIS PAPER    Counseling_Project_-_Case_Summary_Grading_Rubric.doc You are to develop a 2–3-page Case Summary about a fictional character. This summary must be presented with the fictional character as the client and you as the therapist. Use the Case Summary of Helen from Module/Week 1 as an example. This summary will be the basis of the Conceptualization and Treatment Plans you will develop later in the course.Be sure that your summary addresses these 2 questions:What does the client say about his/her life?What does the client say his/her problems are?You must use issues that you are aware of in your character’s life, but you might need to fabricate some of the client history. You are required to follow current APA format for this assignment. Refer to the APA manual for directions on proper formatting. A title page must include a running head, page number, paper title, your name, and the institution name (Liberty University).

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