Convert little-endian to big-endian and 32-bit to 64-bit

I have this question as homework and I can’t seem to figure it out. Hope someone can help me out. The next 20 bytes represent the content of the bytes of a binary file written by a 32-bits big-endian computer (the left colums represents the byte-indices, the other columns represent the content of the bytes; letters are ascii-characters, numbers are numerical byte-values). The bytes at addresses 16-19 should by interpreted as a 32-bits value. 0000 h e l l o 32 w o 0008 r l d 0 0 0 0 0 0016 0 0 4 3 (The 32 at address 5 is one value). Someone writes a program that reads the text stored in the first 16 bytes and the binary value stored in the next 4 bytes. Questions: -What’s the numerical value (decimal or hexadecimal value is OK) stored in the bytes on addresses 16-19 (so 1 numerical value, not 4 values) -Edit the file so that a 64-bits little endian computer will read the same text and the same value. Because the little endian computer has a 64-bits architecture, the value should not only be converted to a little-endian architecture, but also to a 64-bits architecture. Hope someone can help me out! Thanks very much in advance!

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