Consumer Behavior spending habits discussion

Please show evidence of your answer if possible or explain your selection.1. Hobbies, spending habits and recent purchases are examples of: a. lifestyle informationb. personal informationc. personality informationd. second source information2. Many factors are present to assist someone in the process of acculturation. Which of the following statements highlights a factor that determines a speedy acculturation of a person from his or her original culture to the immigrated culture? a. Recency of arrival pf the immigrant to the new cultureb. Withholding translation services to the immigrantc. Segregation of the immigrant from the new cultured. Resistance of the immigrant to participate events of the new culture3. While shopping for a new outfit for a special event, Travis considers a shirt like the one his friend Ken is wearing since he has a good fashion sense. He finds something similar but not identical and his friend Cindy encourages him to buy it because while it is not too flashy, it demonstrates independence and he thinks his gang will like it. Which generation do Travis and Cindy belong to?a. Baby Boomersb. Teenagersc. Seniorsd. Generation X 4. One value of older consumers is to live active lives and be self sufficient. Another is to give back to the world. Jim and Nancy invite younger people over and give them advice. Which of these is the third value of older consumers that this action satisfies?a. tell stories of their livesb. provide younger generations with their basic needsc. share connectedness with family and friendsd. show that all older people aren’t unfriendly to younger people. 5. Americans engage in many different rituals. Which one of these is a type of ritual our society engages in?a. Metaphysical b. Medicalc. Cosmologicald. Grooming6. John plays his Nascar video game and is able to choose the sponsors for his racing team. Even though this is a game, the advertising is actually an example of the use of: a. product over-exposureb. reality engineeringc. temporal samplingd. product trailability

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