Comparative politics

For this assignment, watch the linked US White House Press Conference for President Obama. Write your answers as complete sentences to the numbered questions below. Your full assignment should be about 1- 1 1/2 pages long  Who is asking questions of the President, the political executive of the United States?2. Describe how often US Presidents hold Press Conferences, and how this has changed over time.  Use the attached document ‘American Presidential Press Conferences over Time.’ Why has it changed over time?3. What did you think of the level of difficulty of the questions the President is being asked? Are the questions difficult, moderate, or easy?  Explain your answer.4. Based on this media clip (and you may also include coverage of the State of the Union address) does the media hold the U.S. President to a High, Moderate, or Low level of accountability to the American people? Explain and support your answer in about 2 paragraphs

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