Bowen Family Systems Theory

Can you please let me know as soon as possible if you can help with this assignment by later today after looking at the attachment Bowen Family Systems Theory?  A paper and creating a genogram are required.  I asked another tutor an and she accepted it last Wednesday and still not response from her.  I even gave her 4 days complete and even extended it a day for her but she is not responding except to tell me see had problems with her electric that is why I extended for her for a day.  It was due last Sunday and I will lose points every day it is last.  So could you please help complete this today so I can submit later today. There was a huge lack of communication on the other tutors part.  Bowen Family Systems Theory.docx  Chapter 7 Week 4.docx  References for Chapter 7.docx  Book, Articles, and Websites.docx

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